28 learnings in 28 days

28 learnings in 28 days

Most- well, ALL of the past 28 days have been spent in a marathon of dance, as Ken and I get to know this little girl and, simultaneously, begin to see each other as parents.  What we’re already finding is, the moment we catch up with, and understand, one delicate pattern of behaviour with Camden, … Continue reading

baby c: the first 10 days…

baby c: the first 10 days…

Well here we are… equal parts, “it’s like she’s always been here” and “wow- you mean, she’s really ours?“. 10 days later, I’m just about used to thinking, “we have a baby” – but that’s such an object-attributive perspective. “we have a daughter.” That’s just different, isn’t it. She’s not a thing, she’s a living, … Continue reading

baby c + 2 days

Hello from the suddenly-stormy west coast! Our beautiful baby girl arrived 2 days ago & her daddy and I are taking this week to settle, heal, and start the incredible process of getting to know this amazing little person. Looking forward to updating everyone (including the play by play of how it all went down) … Continue reading

39 weeks…  lotsa pics: then and now.

39 weeks… lotsa pics: then and now.

39 weeks…  in some ways, it has gone by in a flash!  in others, it feels like i’ve been pregnant for.ev.er.  Last night, at our July Babies prenatal group class, Ken and I were one of two couples who are still in waiting mode.  Granted, our due date is still 7 days away, but still. … Continue reading

37 weeks…  If our baby were a goose…

37 weeks… If our baby were a goose…

She’d be fully cooked this week.  Somehow, 33 weeks and roughly the same amount of pounds since discovering that this little girl was on the way, we have arrived at full term.  About 1/2 of the babies in our group prenatal class for July have arrived happily and healthily, and i’m looking around the apartment … Continue reading

36 weeks…  my rib cage is not an exit door!

36 weeks… my rib cage is not an exit door!

Well, here we are.  July 3.  Meaning, when people say , “So when are you due?“, the answer is now “later on this month“.  Or when people ask, “So which month are you in?” We say “ninth.“.  Suddenly the conversational tide has experienced a distinct shift, and when people learn that I’m still working (for 3 … Continue reading