13 weeks

Today, I am 13 weeks pregnant.  According to the undeniably cute staff at http://www.thebump.com, I am a “peach”.

So far, I have gained 10 pounds-and lost 2, for a grand total of 8.  From what I understand, none of this is directly attributable to baby, and more likely a result of my random phase of eating nothing but DQ Blizzards and poutine while simultaneously adopting the activity level of a polar bear preparing for hibernation.   For me (and for my husband, no doubt) this has been a rough phase; 3 months ago, he married a marathon-running, vegetarian, health-food advocate, and suddenly, the world is a very different place.

Well, my body is, anyway.

To his credit, he has also gained about 10 pounds (gotta love that poutine).  Now that i’m on the final lap of my first trimester, rumour has it that all the crazy hormonal upheaval is behind me, and the 2nd trimester glow/energy spurt should be arriving any day.  I welcome this change with open arms, and desperately-in-need-of-use running shoes.

pre-pregnancy: 5 foot 11.5, 148 pounds.

13 weeks: 156 pounds

who knows: immediate family, closest friends, supervisors at work, and you.

10w4d ultrasound

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