16 weeks… the angle of the dangle, the weighting game & hello maternity style!

16 weeks / aka: 4 months / aka: this whole baby-thing is really going to happen!  Wow!!

It’s been an eventful week:   (bodily fluid warning) Literally the day after my last pregnancy-post, we had a bed full of blood – never something that any pregnant girl wants to see at any time.  So, another Friday, another trip to BC Women’s Hospital where I was carefully inspected from every conceivable angle (quote of the morning was my husband saying, “well, i’m glad he’s going to take a look” as the doctor was prepping the speculum.)

After hearing the baby’s heartbeat loud and clear (a lovely-sounding 142bpm) and determining that neither the baby nor I was in crisis, we were sent for an “emergency ultrasound” (which in this case meant reporting in at about seven hours later) to locate the source of this ongoing bleeding.

After what could only be described as a Thorough Ultrasound, we were released with little further understanding of the situation.  Measurements were taken and the baby is growing absolutely, perfectly, amazingly on schedule.  The surrounding environment was checked out and the placenta is in tact, in place and in full-support mode.   I apparently just have a radically sensitive cervix that (during this phase of my life) will spring a leak with any effort, impact or exertion.

So, with doctor’s orders, there will be no “effort, impact or exertion” for the next three weeks.

(thus endeth the bodily fluid warning)

The “fun part” of the day was that we ended up with some bonus ultrasound pics to share with the family (and with you!).  Our ultrasound tech, bless her heart, was So Excited to record an image of the baby looking straight into the camera.  Ken and I agree that it is one of the most frightening things we have ever seen (reminded me of a certain movie villain).

Luckily, that wasn’t the only picture recorded.  A great profile shot leads me to an interesting theory, known as “the angle of the dangle“.  Apparently, some folks believe that (after about 12 weeks) gender may be identified by studying some angles in the lower portion of the spine:

and here’s our baby…

what do you think??  At this point and based on that irrefutable scientific evidence (any theory with the word “dangle” in it must be airtight), i’m thinking g-i-r-l…  hmm…

16 weeks – 159lbs (total gain: 11 pounds).  Everyone’s weight gain for pregnancy is different.  As long as the change in weight makes sense in relation to your diet and lifestyle, there isn’t much to worry about.  For me, I was a marathon runner and had been married the month before entering this baby-phase.  Once the baby settled in to its nine month nest, some pretty wacky nausea and extreme fatigue settled in, meaning that the frequency of lunchtime workouts and weekend long-runs all but died out, I was flat on my back by about 7pm each night and the only food that seemed appealing was french fries, potatoes and Dairy Queen blizzards.  As a result of this massive lifestyle shift, I went from 148lbs-160 in about 6 weeks.

A few visits to a dietitian followed where I was encouraged to be aware that a gain at that rate couldn’t be maintained healthily throughout the 9 months (that’s putting it nicely) and assured that my body would right itself.  Sure enough, my weight hasn’t really changed for about two months since that initial spike.

Dressing with 11 extra pounds and 4 months of baby is definitely different.  And I’m learning it can be fun and comfortable!

Pre-Baby Dressing at 16 weeks

 These pictures were taken at VanDusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver, and I am wearing a purple knot front dress from Seraphine Maternity.

What I first loved about this dress: The fabric is so soft and stretchy… at 16weeks, to be honest, i’m often more bloat than bump.   This piece feels amazing and hangs beautifully.

Where / When will I wear this? such a versatile dress – this was a Sunday afternoon, casual with boots, leggings and a jean jacket but could easily be dressed up with nylons and heels.

What about after the baby? the stretchy drape in the neck of the dress allows this to be worn post-baby to allow for easy access while nursing.

These pics were taken the first time I had worn this dress in public, which also marked the first time I had worn something that is officially “maternity” in public.   It seems like every day on thebump.com, people are discussing how far along they are and whether they are still wearing their pre-pregnancy clothes.  After one day in this dress, i’m a convert:

why would I want to stay in ill-fitting clothes?   

My favourite thing about wearing this dress was that it was suddenly obvious that I am pregnant – not just 10 pounds heavier.  My overall shape definitely is changing already, and staying in the skirts and tops designed for my business-as-usual stick-straight body just looks awkward.  I’m more comfortable in clothes that are accommodating the new curves, and the people surrounding me are comfortable with the understanding that I haven’t just let myself go…  I’m growing a baby!

For the first time, strangers stopped to ask how far along I am, told me that I looked great, and congratulated us.  It was fun and I felt wonderful.  This whole process is a miracle!  What do I possible have to hide?

16 thoughts on “16 weeks… the angle of the dangle, the weighting game & hello maternity style!

  1. You look absolutely gorgeous in these outfits, & your little bump is so neat – I think pregnancy really suits you!! Especially with that beautiful, glowing happy smile! Miracle really is the only word for growing another person in your body, & knowing that you’ll love them more than anything for the rest of your life (even when they’re in their ‘terrible teen’ phase 😉 )

    Those ultrasound pictures are amazing – I’m so glad you shared them!!! It’s absolutely phenomenal seeing this little person in their own world, & I’m with you – based on the “angle of the dangle” theory & the ultrasound image of your baby, I’d definitely say girl, though obviously I’m no expert 😉 And I’m so glad everything is ok with you & baby, that must have been terrifying – so congrats & the best of wishes for you & your little one staying happy & healthy!!! 🙂

    Enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible, & every special moment of your little miracle growing & developing in you! I can’t wait to find out if you really are having a little girl!!

    Oh, & keep up that gorgeous maternity style too 😉

    The Image Mistress, xoxo

    • Thanks so much for the lovely comment!! And it’s funny, as often as my husband and I say, “we’re having a baby” – we say “akk – we’re going to end up with a teenager!!” (i’ll be looking for your support then as well 😉

      And the clothes are so much fun! Curves are really a new concept for me – it’s fun to finally wear clothes that show them off 🙂

  2. loving your dress and I’m really glad your scare ended up being “nothing”, well nothing to worry about anyway.
    Your ultrasounds pics are gorgeous!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

      • yes, very challenging! I try to put that aside and keep thinking positive. I’m a really supersticious person, so having bad thoughts and worrying too much means (to me) endangering my pregnancy. It’s hard but I try 🙂 Wish I was as far along as you are already *g* out of that most dangerous zone

      • Let me be the one to tell you that breastfeeding does wonders for getting your body back to pre-pregnancy shape! I’ve done it once, I can do it again:)

  3. Gorgeous dress, I only wish I could find such styles in plus size! You look amazing! So glad the bleed wasn’t anything bad. I would have been beside myself. I love the profile shot ultrasound pictures!

    I just know you’re going to have stunning maternity photos!

    • That’s amazing feedback – thanks! It’s a really good point (about plus size maternity) I will definitely ask around and see if I can find any recommendations. Have a great day!

  4. Hey Jenn, Congrats again on your marriage and pregnancy! I just read through your blog and you’re great! Very interesting and to the point articles 🙂 We’re not planning atm, but interesting nonetheless. Also really enjoy your budget stuff — not sure if you have considered this, but we have a spreadsheet that tracks our daily bank account balances and plans in our savings that we reconcile to our bank account. This means that the money is already gone to our savings before we can even look at it and we know months in advance how much ‘disposable’ income we have for variable expenses. We haven’t quite figured out the % towards each category just yet, I think it depends on the individual — for some home ownership is important so putting more towards savings or paying down a mortage is important, other people want to travel… Anyways I hope you are doing well! And hopefully you don’t have any more preggo scares! You look beautiful! Enjoy your pregnancy:) Helen

    • Hi Helen! Thanks for “stopping by” – I would love to learn more about your budgeting experience… It’s amazing how Not Natural it is, isn’t it?
      talk with you soon.xo

  5. I loved reading this post and knowing I’m not the only one stressing about what seemed like a larger amount of weight gain my first trimester!! It’s like music to my ears to hear there are others! Whilst I wasn’t a marathon runner, I was a Zumba Instructor and was doing heavy workouts 6 days a week; and had just come off a big bodyhaul where I’d lost 30kg. Then, like you, I had bad morning sickness and found all I could do was lie down and eat all the things I shouldn’t!! So, whilst I dont like that there’s someone else out there who felt the same cuz I wouldnt wish that upon others, it’s so comforting to hear it’s not just me!
    and I”m pleased to hear you got good advice from your dietician that your body will, and has, evened itself out – fingers crossed mine does the same 🙂
    And like the others – you look beautiful in your new dress!!! I love it!! xx

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