21 weeks… And so much is still possible!

21 weeks feels quite official.  We are past the halfway point and things are going remarkably well-  I even had a small child come up to me when I was at lululemon on Saturday (i’m officially at a “ta-ta tamer” point in life) and tell me that I have a “big, round belly”

no no!!“,  her mother interjected – “what she means is that she can tell that you’re pregnant”.  The mom was pushing a stroller with a four-month old in it (the little girl’s brother).  Obviously, they were four months clear of what we’re four months away from.  Yikes!

Overall, it’s been a great week.  We had pink cupcakes at work to celebrate finding out that our baby is a girl, we’ve been to our first connecting pregnancy class and I’ve only puked once in the last 7 days!

(yes, i’m still puking at 21 weeks.  To be honest, it was more of a spontaneous combustion, but I think that still counts)

What’s happening at 21 weeks?

I’ve carried around perceptions of what being more than halfway through pregnancy would be like.  I’m pleasantly suprised at how normal life is – for example:

1. I’m still exercising.  The pics to the left were taken during an 11km walk around Stanley Park with my husband this past weekend.  All physical activity is normal *wink wink*.

2. I’m still wearing high heels.  Not at the moment, but as a practice.  My feet have yet to swell to the size of pillowcases (I hope i’m not jinxing myself here).

3. I’m still able to wear pre-pregnancy clothes. Stretchy ones, anyway…  Not shirts with buttons, because of my sudden massive chest –  but mostly, i’m choosing to wear my seraphine jeans just about every day, as they are the most comfortable on my belly during long periods of sitting at work.

4. I can still wax my legs, etc. Everything’s still well within reach, thanks for your concern.

5. I still have my belly button ring in.  I have no idea when i’m supposed to take this out?  Soon, I imagine… but it doesn’t look like it’s stretching at all.

6. I can still eat soft cheeses!  This is something that we learned at the Connecting Pregnancy class last night – all cheese in North America is pasteurized (unless it’s imported from a European country).  We went and purchased a container of honey goat cheese on the way home from the class.  Yum.

7.  My diet is getting back to normal. Ken and I used to love hummus.  He still does.  I haven’t been able to stomach it since early December.  I think we’ll give it a go this week – most aversions are gone, and i’m pretty much back to drinking water regularly.

8.  I’m back on my prenatal vitamins.   The iron content of pre-natals can make them an irritant to women going through morning/all day sickness.  I’d been switched to just folic acid for the last few months, but am now back to pre-natals.  Woot.

9. I’m still sitting on a balance ball at work.  To tell you the truth, i’m planning to ask about this at our next class, as i’ve also heard that women sit on balance balls later on to help induce labour.  Don’t want to be doing that for another 19 weeks or so.

10. My hunger is within reason. I haven’t become a hungry hungry hippo (yet).  The tricky part for me is trying to have smarter-option snacks ready to go.  I have a small, pink reisenthel basket  that Ken is amazing at filling up with home made whole-wheat pasta, green apples (still my biggest craving) and yoghurt every morning.  As long as I have healthy food there, i’ll eat it and stay on track.  If I rush out in the morning with no food on hand, I inevitably end up eating fast food and donuts.  I have yet to need to do anything cliche like send Ken out for burritos in the middle of the night.

There’s something about being more than halfway that makes Everything That Will Happen Afterwards seem so much closer.  Like breastfeeding, for example – if all goes well (I am learning that breastfeeding just isn’t possible for all babies – but we’ll try!) Everything in my life will be constructed to support our daughter eating!  So how awesome is it that seraphine maternity designs their clothing to stretch with my tummy for the next four months, then allow easy nursing access for however long after that it’s needed.  And because of the stretchy content of this Pleated Nursing Top, it will spring back into shape as I do.

But seriously, check out that sneaky breastfeeding panel!  As long as you’re wearing a maternity/nursing bra under there (which that one is) you’re good to go.  Genius.

The other big development (aside from my tummy, which has definitely “popped” this week) is that I am feeling the baby move regularly now.  For-sure movements started at about 19w5d, then I had a few days where- as long as I was laying very still- I could often feel something, and now this has progressed to a point where I can be sitting at work and feel her softly tickling my insides.  My guess is that this is like when a baby kitten swats at you – as long as they are tiny, it’s cute and wonderful, but from what I understand, just like a kitten gets bigger and starts to hurt, the baby will soon be large enough that there will be some serious jabs to my rib cage.

Over the next week, I will be continuing to really make an effort to eat responsibly.  The Connecting Pregnancy group was focused on nutrition and activity last night, emphasizing that current research dictates that weight gains should be on the mild to moderate side (25-35 pounds, as opposed to previous theories of 30-50 pounds being fine).  For all sorts of reasons, including my health and that of the baby, I’d like to stay within that, which means I only have about 7-17 pounds of leeway left over the remaining 19 weeks.

21 Weeks

Whoa!  That’s quite a bump – how big are you??  166 pounds (Total gain of 18 pounds).  3 pounds in one week – is that really possible??  I can’t do that again this upcoming week.  We did go for poutine though…  hmm…  The funny thing about the bump is that it moves.  Depending on where she is camped out on any given day, my bump will be in a different place and I will “look more pregnant”.

How big is baby?  Thebump.com’s fruit baby chart says she’s banana sized – or about 10.5 inches…  Wow!

Still sick?  Just once in the past week.  I count that as a great success.

Now that we know it’s a girl…  what’s her name???  Every time I think we’ve settled on one, we find a reason not to.  We’ve been through Zoe, Coco, Camden, Emily, Emma and Meredith.  Who knows?  If you feel like suggesting one, go for it!

Are you going on a babymoon?  Thinking about it.  But first we have to get through our move to the new apartment (at the end of this month)

Cravings/Aversions?  I still eat about 4 green apples a day.  Overall, aversions are pretty much gone.

Summary – this week feels (finally) like it has been easy.  I feel like we’re enjoying being pregnant now.  It feels like I’d hoped it would the whole time!

14 thoughts on “21 weeks… And so much is still possible!

  1. I’m still waiting for someone I know to name their daughter Elaine. Will you be the one? 🙂
    It’s pretty, easy to pronounce, and there aren’t that many of us. Elaine was also a popular character on Seinfeld, so it’s a familiar name.

  2. I am glad you are having a better time of it now and feeling less sick! I see you are moving apartments at the end of the month – another thing we have in common. We’re currently trying to find someone to sublease our apartment so that we can move. I’m hoping we find someone soon as I’d rather move at 6 months pregnant than any later!

    • we do have a lot in common! that is funny… Right now, the biggest stress about moving is figuring out where/what the baby will do for sleeping. Because we’re staying downtown, we’ll still be in a 1bdrm for at least a year, so i’m researching mini-cribs, etc.

    • Thanks Jen! “Emma” is actually a name that my husband likes, as is Emily… who knows – still another 18.5 weeks left to change our minds 100 times – haha

  3. I’ve never heard of sitting on a balance ball to induce labor–but if you do have a natural labor, a lot of women use them to help ease contractions.

    You hair looks good! Did you re dye it or did the “orange” wash out?

    I don’t know when it’ll happen to you, but I didn’t start swelling until I hit 37 weeks. I wore my wedding rings until then…now they’re on a necklace. 😦 I feel so naked. Six years without taking them off, and I freak out every ten minutes that they’re missing because my finger is bare. Oh, and now my husband has to take my shoes off when I don’t wear sandals (which is daily because of chem lab research position) because of how badly they swell. Also happened between 36 and 37 weeks.

    I like the names you’re picking out!

    • lol – thanks for noticing!! I did about 2 weeks straight of washing with dish soap, toning shampoo and clarifying shampoo – then I went out and bought an at-home “dark ash blond”, which seems to have solved things – at least temporarily, anyway. All this time, i could have solved it myself for $7 🙂

      As for the wedding ring, mine is still on – but i heard a neat idea where someone who had to remove theirs bought a band with the expected birthstone for their little one in it – I thought that sounded really sweet!

  4. Sounds like everything is going really well for you 🙂
    I still haven’t started swelling yet and im 28 weeks which im so pleased about. The bump looks lovely and so exciting now you have found out the sex! Preparation can begin, haha. i know im looking at little girl things for my little one now i can’t help it. Hope all goes well this week. I would suggest taking your navel ring out this week or get a bioplast one which is a flexi bar so that you can still have one in when you grow. I took mine out when i found out i was pregnant so im all closed up now which looks a bit funny but my belly button looks like its going to pop out anytime, which is something you may need to look out for is your belly button changing as tie goes on with your growth. Glad to see things are pretty much normal with life though, thats a really good and stable consistancy that the baby will enjoy too.

    Much love. x

    • Thanks – i guess i’ll have to decide on the bellybutton ring soon… the thing is, I never even think about it until the end of the night when i’m getting ready for bed! I’ll have to write it on my “stuff to do” this weekend 🙂

  5. You look amazing lovely, & I enjoyed every second of this post – you’re a super talented writer, everything flows so perfectly & the emotion and humour comes across really well!!

    Ooooh, baby girl names – I am obsessed with girls names (don’t ask why, I’m just really interested in name meanings & I think girl’s names are so beautiful!!). Really love Emma, Zoe, & Emily, and I also think Camden is a great name – very unique!! I probably won’t be able to make any helpful name suggestions for you, but I’ve always loved Grace, Milena, & Leah. Or if you have any Irish heritage I’d be happy to suggest some beautiful Irish girls names!

    Seraphine’s clothes are so great – they have a gorgeous range of nursing tops, dresses, & knitwear (I was checking their clothing range out for a future style advice post on my blog) – I’m really glad to hear such great reviews of their garments from a woman who has actually worn them! It’s a gorgeous top by the way – love the colour on you!!

    Take care, & good luck with everything 🙂 xoxo

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