22 Weeks… Snoogles and Stretchmarks

This week, I tried to be good.  Very good.  No poutine, No donuts…  We did go to The Olive Garden for lunch on Sunday, but that doesn’t really count because a) it was Ken’s treat and b) it was a post-Church outing.  I think there’s some kind of special dispensation for that or something.

We’ve been going for plenty of long walks and I’m going to try a short run this week.  Tonight, I’m heading back to Look Good Feel Better (where I volunteer twice a month) for the first time since Very Early in the pregnancy – And, I didn’t upchuck at all this week.  Translation: I think the second trimester honeymoon period is finally here!

The major happening for this week:  I started sleeping with a snoogle.

The Snoogle is a body pillow that has a curly cue at each end to wrap under your neck and wrap up to support your belly when you sleep on your side.  I picked mine up at babies r us  for about $60 and slept better from the first night with it.  It’s like being wrapped up in a big, supportive hug.  Not only does is support the baby in the tummy, but keeping your knees spaced helps to keep your spine in alignment, and the pillow stops you from rolling onto your front – all good things for this point in the pregnancy.

Amazingly, because it curves and snakes, it actually takes up less room in our bed than using extra pillows – and is much less likely to shift out of place, all allowing a bit more of a restful sleep.

Good to know: the sales associate made a valiant attempt  to upsell me to a “removable, washable cover” for the snoogle – but the cover it comes with is actually removable and washable on it’s own – it’s just not fancily decorated.   So don’t feel pressured to fork out the extra $$ if you’re not up for it.

Bonus:  there’s quite a few ways to wrap this pillow around your bod – including a variation that allows it to double as a nursing pillow post-baby!

FYI – those are the seraphine bamboo leggings, which I can’t say enough good things about.  I love that they don’t have a separate waistband – makes them so comfy!  On most people, they’d be full length.

Overall, it’s been a fun week.  Ken and I have come to the working-conclusion that i’ll pick the baby’s first name, and he’ll pick the middle name, so we’re still open to suggestions.  The baby is pretty wriggly – I feel her jump around like crazy whenever I eat green apples, which i’m still craving constantly – I’m hoping that it’s because she loves them so much, and that she’s not in there marching with a “No More Apples” picket sign.

If that is the case (that she’s protesting) she might be pulling out the big guns already.  Check this out:

It caught my eye last night…   was I just scratching uncontrollably?  is it just my veins moving closer to the top of my skin?  Is it *gasp*  a stretchmark???  

I immediately lathered myself in the Thyme Maternity Stretch Protection cream that Ken’s mom had included with my Christmas present, and started a major search for anything else to rub in there.  Baby got a full-on massage last night.   So any tricks and tips for stopping this in it’s (ahem) “tracks” would be greatly appreciated!  The thing is, my skin honestly does feel like it is pulling and stretching…  is it just inevitable?  wahhh…

This upcoming week is a big one – we are moving across town into our new, slightly-larger / still a one-bedroom apartment.  My next major research project will be into cribs that can fit into our bedroom once our bed is in there – so if you’ve seen any cool ideas for cribs for small spaces, please pass them our way.   This one looks cool, but it’s about $1000 – yikes!  I can see myself in 17 years saying “sorry kid – I know you want to go to college, and it would have been possible if it wasn’t for that darned designer crib.  Blame your dad and I for our attachment to downtown living…  ”

Life at 22 weeks

Baby Size:


Mummy Size:

167 pounds.  Up one pound since last week, 19 pounds in total.  Really need to pull the reigns in on this, but not sure how!!  (okay, okay, I know how…  but not sure that I want to)


no – woo hoo!!

What else is going on?

Feeling the baby move all the time now…  If I lay very still, we can actually watch my tummy bop up and down – very strange, but very cool.  What’s best about this is that I think getting to the point where Ken can see/feel her squirm around makes it a bit more real for him as well.  People keep telling me that before too long we’ll be able to see hands and feet poking out.  Honestly – that’s just weird.

3 thoughts on “22 Weeks… Snoogles and Stretchmarks

  1. Wonderful post lovely lady!! So glad everything is going well for both you & your baby girl, & that the sickness has finally abated!! Really enjoyed this post – you look fantastic & your writing is brilliant as always!! xoxo

    • thanks so much! I’m really enjoying yours as well… it’s funny – tools like colour palettes, body shapes, etc. that you refer to on your blog – they Really make a difference, don’t they?

  2. I have used and still use Palmer’s cocoa butter stretch mark therapy combined with bella b tummy honey butter and I’ve never gotten a single mark. Hope this helps!

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