23 weeks… movin’ and groovin’

It’s been a week of non-stop action.  We have officially relocated to the address that we will bring our baby home to in 17 short weeks (give or take).  The move began on Thursday, when two amazing friends, Michelle and Heather showed up to spend hours loading a fairly random assortment of clothing, books, food and other possessions into a few boxes and many (many) reusable shopping bags, hauling a load or two across town in Heather’s jeep – Michelle and I focusing on the loading, Ken and Heather coming through with the transport and delivery.

Both were rewarded with an assortment of salty, crunchy snacks – Michelle was given an extra treat: when I finally stopped moving and lay back, she could actually see my little bump bouncing up and down; she  sat next to me, put her hand on my tummy and our baby gave a few appreciative kicks in response.  So at 23 weeks, we seem to have reached the point where our little girl is no longer shying away from touch!

re: the move – the bad news is, this is the state we are currently living in:

the good news is, this is now the view from our living room:

Clearly, still lots of work to be done…  Ken is so excited that now we can invite people over to visit.  First we’ll need some furniture though, or else we’d just be inviting people over to hang out on our bed (which does have a certain john lennon’ish charm to it…  but I think that a table will be a great investment.  And possibly a couch with a hide-a-bed in it).

But we’re not getting stressed about the state of the place, because at 23 weeks, we know that our baby is likely reacting to external sounds and senses.   So no more swearing or dirty jokes around me (I mean, us) – actually, this came up when we visited Ken’s parents this past weekend – an “enthusiastic” discussion and debate about the merits of Canada’s maternity leave allowances came up, resulting in my father in law saying “please don’t hate me for saying this”…  I reassured him that of course I didn’t, but that I couldn’t speak for what the little one is hearing and taking in.

Ken has started talking to my tummy once or twice a day – which is the sweetest thing ever.  He almost has a bit of a mantra: “Hello baby – we love you, I love you, mummy loves you, God loves you, we hope you’re having a good day in there and we can’t wait to meet you


We’re making even more of an effort to read out loud to each other (this is a pastime we entered into while we were dating – Ken says that it helps him read for auditions, but it also gets great discussions going) and I can often feel a correlation between us reading to each other and the baby moving.

Finally, I have been wearing a Bola Ball Pendant:

which apparently is traditionally worn by women in Mexico from about 20 weeks on.  It is a necklace that hangs low- all the way to the tummy – that has a soft chime in it that is intended to soothe and amuse the baby as I move.  I ordered mine from etsy – for me, it’s also just a nice, pretty reminder of the specialness of the time.  ps:  that little lump is my belly button ring – not my belly button.  It’s still pretty firmly “in”.

Speaking of the time, a poster on the bump.com raised an interesting topic this past week: her question was along the lines of “I’m so nervous about giving birth, how is everyone handling the fear?”  My response was along the lines of:

I’m handling the fear the way that I handle my mortality in general –

just taking this whole thing in, each day as it comes.

People have done this before me, and people will do this after me.  My mom chose to go through it four times, and others choose to attempt many more (ahemMichelle Duggar, anyone?) – but still, this is the scariest thing I have ever gotten myself into.  It has been amazingly reassuring to re-connect with old friends and get to know new friends through this experience.

Between moving, moving and – uh – moving, this week has been a whirlwind – i’ve basically spent the entire week in my seraphine premium denim jeans, which has been very convenient as I could dress them up for work, but also sit on the ground and sort through boxes in them once I was home.  As a reminder, here’s how the jeans fit 5 weeks ago, and this is what they looked like today:

these jeans remain my favourite purchase to date, and I’m confident that they will retain that elite position until it becomes warm enough to wear this sundress (which is patiently waiting in my closet).

So we wait, and we do our best to prepare for what – let’s face it – you can never really prepare for.

We were pretty pumped to learn that – with the bed in place, we actually have about 41 inches of width for a crib, so we are now actively looking for something to fit into that space, so i’d love to hear recommendations – including whether those cribs that convert to beds that convert to chairs that convert to small luxury vehicles are worth the money.

Then there is the ongoing stroller debate – travel systems… are they awkward?  How long do you really use the bassinet for? Can a jogger work as an everyday stroller?  Does an everyday stroller have some sort of speed limit by-law?  Would I actually use the i-baby sound-systems that certain models are equipped with now?  Should I buy new or used?

Akkk!!  No stress, no stress, no stress…

17 weeks to go (assuming we go all the way to 40 – I need to ask my mum what typical has been for our clan).  I seem to remember my sister in law being in labour for about 3 days.  Right – put that out of my mind…  no stress, no stress, no stress…

My tummy and my life at 23 weeks

baby size: papaya or pomegranate or something delicious and tropical sounding like that…

mummy size: 169 pounds.  I blame Ken’s mom and the chocolate cake (and the blueberry crumble, and the blueberry pancakes, and the 7 layer dip, and…  and… ) it has to stop!!

movement: lots.  definite action after meals, when we’re reading out loud, etc. Every now and again something odd happens – when I describe it, I say that it feels like she is crunching up into a tiny little ball and everything gets all tense around my tummy.  I’m starting to wonder if this is actually what people call “Braxton Hicks Contractions” – but really, I don’t know – it’s just an odd feeling.

anything else odd?  yes – a bit of a resurgence in the ol’ spotting.  But we have had enough reassurance that at this point it’s not an indicator of overall health of the baby that we aren’t freaking out about it. We’ll definitely mention it at out next pre-natal class though, and of course, we’ll call the doctor ASAP if it becomes bright red or is accompanied by any cramping.

Next week:  back to some awesome maternity outfits (First, I just need to unpack them… )

have a great week!

4 thoughts on “23 weeks… movin’ and groovin’

  1. Congratulations on the move – Your looking fab.. Do you thinks there’s any truth in the baby bump being high when carrying a girl and low with a boy? Your bump is looking very high. I can feel my little man so low down at times its painful.

  2. My friend carried just like you and also had a girl! You look fabulous indeed!

    As for the bassinette question — our little guy was in his about 3 months…worth it? Depends — he was certainly close by for middle of the night feedings…but he is such a noisy sleeper that every little noise woke me up!

    The bleeding….Do you know when your very early scan was done if they saw a subchorionic hemmorrhage? These are very common and can be that the edge of the placenta lifted a tiny bit early on. If your bleeding is brown and light – it could very likely be coming from something like this — again — very, very common!

    You could definatley be starting to feel/experience some brax hicks contractions — just toning and getting your body ready for 17 weeks-ish from now!

  3. This made my heart melt lovely lady – the way Ken is speaking to your baby girl so sweetly & lovingly, & how your baby girl is responding so much to your voices, actions & giving lots of strong kicks to let you know she’s excited to hear mummy & daddy’s voices!! I know I keep saying this, but it is so amazing to follow your pregnancy journey & hear all about your experiences preparing for your daughter’s birth!! 🙂

    Congrats on the new house, it looks like such a gorgeous neighbourhood & I hope it will be a very happy home for the 3 of you!! And as always, you look super chic, really love your Seraphine jeans – those were a fantastic investment!! Off to read about week 24 now – the big day is getting so close now!! xoxo

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