24 weeks… does not 6 months make.

Time is a funny thing.  It is only now, in my third decade that I have learned (from a company-wide “cultural diversity” memo, no less) that the placement of Easter is determined by the occurrence of the Sunday following the first full moon of spring.

And with the full moon, the bunnies, and the celebration of Easter, the temperature finally seems to be catching up with the calendar and we were finally able to walk around without jackets today, admiring the cherry blossoms and listening to the sounds of pine cones crackling open within the neighborhood trees. Spring is here.

The way we keep time throughout pregnancy is wrought with confusion – how many days, weeks, months, trimesters.   At the beginning, it was confusing enough to comprehend – and explain to the quick-mental-arithmetic crew at our local church – that by “12 weeks”, I meant twelve weeks since October 24 – which is when the baby-clock started ticking, as opposed to 12 weeks since November 9 (which is when the pie charts in the babydocs centre tell us that the little one was likely conceived).  Irregardless, we were married on October 21, so we’re legit.

Based on that time structure, we refer to baby-percolating time as 40 weeks – but we also throw around the concept of 9 months.  And herein lies the confusion – especially at a time like 24 weeks, which you might think is the same thing as 6 months.  Alas, it’s only 5 and a half, and it’s still another two weeks until we begin the 3 month final countdown to the day that our baby could safely, and with-little-danger of complication, choose to join us on this side of my tummy.

Apparently, by 24 weeks, the baby is putting on half a pound every seven days or so – wow!  Thanks to the amazing weather we’ve had this week, I’ve been able to do all I can to ensure that the excess poundage sticks with the baby, and not my backside:  since the last time I wrote, i’ve hit up the YMCA for two 45minute workouts, been for an hour’s-worth of walk every day and even snuck in a bike ride.  And with all this, my weight has remained steady since last week.  I count this as a victory!  FYI – there’s some pretty fantastic pregnancy-weight calculators here and here.  I’m still measuring about 6 pounds above the high end of where I should be right now, so it looks like it will be a focus (or at least, a point of interest) for the foreseeable future.

In addition to finally being able to spend some time outside, a nice element of  the season change is new clothes that aren’t hidden amongst layers of overcoats, rubber boots and toques.  And how amazing is it to be pregnant at a time that – instead of being relegated to disguising ourselves under muumuus, men’s clothing, and other tent-like structures, we can actually choose to dress in a way that is current, feminine and body-conscious!

According to InStyle Magazine, Vogue, Teen, heck – even the Real Housewives of Vancouver, if you’re going to buy into one trend this year, it should be brightly coloured denim.  And there are options out there allowing the with-child amongst us to experiment with this while it’s still hot.

As is pretty standard for my life (and completely foreseeable in the life of our daughter – Ken’s legs are even longer than mine!), these jeans run about 4 inches too short for me – and, truth be told, they’re on the tight-side (see my above note about that six pounds); however, it just so happens that cropped length and leggings are also current, so I feel comfortable with this fit for the summer.   The jeans are made from super-comfy and very breathable cotton (98%) with a bit of elastane, and they have a demi-stretch panel to take me to the baby and beyond.   And yes, I also have them in red *insert happy sigh here*.

In other weird news, my belly button is starting to show definite indicators of action.  It has gone from being a near-invisible, hidden fold of obscurity and developed into more of a flat, saucer like shape that Ken enjoys sticking a finger into (which the baby generally kicks right back at).  Told you it was weird.  I wouldn’t go as far as to call it an outie, but it’s not as much of an innie as it has been for the years leading up to now.

We haven’t gotten around to stroller shopping yet – but we are becoming highly adept at creepily approaching people with strollers to ask them how they feel about theirs.  Our current plan is to settle on a brand/style (likely the BOB Revolution, Uppa Vista or Mountain Buggy) and then stalk craigslist/kijiji until we see one pop up on there.  Ideally, I’d prefer one that I can run with once the baby is 6-8 months (apparently running with them in strollers earlier

than that isn’t a good move for their little, developing brains).   What we’re learning so far is that the Mountain Buggy is the favourite for adding on accessories (like scooter stands, and little seats, etc.), Uppa Vista is the luxury-around-town  model, with a bassinet that is great for getting baby to sleep while out for a walk and allowing her to keep napping, while the BOB seems to be the favourite for stability and durability if we’re going to use it as a jogger – which we will.  Hmm.

What else is going on at 24 weeks?

baby size: carrying this little one is like carrying a healthy grapefruit and grapefruit support system.  She is about 10.5 inches long (guaranteed that her legs are about 8 inches of that) and weighs more than 1 pound!

mummy size: still 169 pounds.  Still not entirely comfortable with that.

how is “everything”: overall, things are good and we’re healthy and spotting-free this week.  Most of my challenges this week seem to be emotional – I had the weirdest dream that this girl actually reached into my belly and took the baby (apparently nightmares are common during pregnancy) and i’m also just a bit sad and grumpy, wishing that I had been with my family for Easter, instead of on the other side of the country from them.

food: Being able to drink water without feeling nauseous is heavenly, and something that I don’t think i’ll ever take for granted again!  We’ve also had some great fun with different stir-fry recipes, eating lots of veggies (and still lots of green apples!)

It’s nice to be at the glow part of pregnancy – i’m definitely still a little weirded out by my body, but it’s starting to feel kind of amazing at the same time.

2 thoughts on “24 weeks… does not 6 months make.

  1. Firstly, let me say I adore those new bright blue jeans!! They look absolutely fantastic on you, so gorgeous!! I’m also really into the bright coloured jeans this season – I have a pair of raspberry coloured jeans which are a cotton blend with a little bit of stretch in them (not maternity jeans of course) which is really good for me as I can rarely find nice, stylish jeans that fit my legs & hips! Would love to see pics of your red denims too 🙂

    Ah yes, the confusion of the pregnancy calendar – everyone seems to follow a different time scale, though for me at least thinking of pregnancy in terms of 40 weeks (I’m studying psychology part-time as a “mature” student, so lots of learning about baby development during pregnancy & beyond!!). Hope you’re feeling a little better & not so down (hormones can be a b*tch) & that both you & baby continue to be healthy & glowing 🙂 Btw, have you guys picked a name yet, or come close to doing so? Love & good wishes to you 🙂 xoxo

  2. You’re almost in your 3rd Trimester how exciting. At 24 weeks was when I realized my arms were too short to reach back after a bathroom break. No worries, you will quickly figure it out and enter those frequent bathroom breaks with ease and confidence.

    Regarding the stroller choices. We have the Baby Trend Expedition Travel System which means that car seat and stroller come as a package and LOVE IT.
    The all terrain and rugged look worked well for the stay at home dad and now works beautifully for the jogging momma. The inflatable rubber tires made the most sense to use particularly because for the extra cushioning needed for city and trail walking or jogging. The multi-grip handles on the baby carrier is a super bonus. Very easy on the hands and wrist.


    Good luck on your stroller quest.

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