25 weeks… No pics please – we’re British.

Kidding.  Sort of.

There’s really no (original) pics this week, and we’re really British (well, I am anyway) but the two aren’t necessarily related.  It turns out that somewhere in the land of packing-and-moving, the charger for the camera has yet to be unearthed (likewise with my make up brushes and moisturizer) so this post will be full of random internet pics (and therefore, unlikely to be picked up by WordPress’ “Freshly Pressed” .  Ah well.  Might as well have fun with it.

We are moving through the second trimester with force, reckless abandon and a moderate amount of baby brain; meaning, that for the first time in my working-life (of 21 years!) I completely forgot about a meeting.  That’s right – on Sunday we woke up, went to Church, had lunch, cruised around West Coast Kids checking out strollers and cribs, walked home in the sun, made dinner and settled in to watch a  movie.  Completely forgetting about a team meeting.  Yikes!  Talk about icy cold feeling as soon as I realized I had done that.  Who am I becoming???

Since multiple sources (reported by the BBC and MSNBC) agree that pregnancy-effects on memory are real, I need to take this seriously so that I still have workplaces to come back to after the maternity leave!

With about 13 weeks of work-life left (wow…  that doesn’t sound like much at all… ) the key will be double – triple, even- scheduling.  When Ken and I were first married, I used to construct a poster-sized monthly calendar at home to keep communication straight as we were adjusting to each other’s schedules and commitments, and I will institute that again.  I have my moleskin planner – but that only is helpful when i’m looking at it.  I will also start entering appointments & work-related things into my phone so that I get an audible reminder (hmm…  could this be another reason to switch to iphone?)

So, to recap, i’m tackling my (hopefully, short-term) memory loss problem by

  1. having a visible calendar at home so that Ken can help keep me accountable for appointments
  2. making a habit of looking at my planner when i’m not at work
  3. using electronic calendar and reminder systems…  and maybe (finally) buying an iphone.
any other memory tips would be greatly appreciated by me and the fabulous people that I work with 🙂
We are also in full-swing of organizing our new apartment.  Our biggest challenge is still not having any furniture (we have all this room now, but we continue spending most of our time at home sitting on our bed) so i’m spending time scouring craigslist and kijiji for deals and steals.  I’m confident that it will come together as needed; however, if you’re wondering why you’ve yet-to-be invited over, you’re more than welcome, just Bring Your Own Chair.  That said, if you’re in the lower-mainland and looking to divest yourself of  a table set, crib, sofa bed, or flat screen TV (*wink*)  we can definitely help you out!
There’s also a “parent swap” event coming up in Port Moody.  I’d definitely be into that, but I’m working on the day it is running…  i’ll be on the look out for more of those types of events in the future.  At this point, all we have is a baby bag, 3 sleepers and a cute hat.  15 weeks to go.  Yikes!!
I’ve also been curious as to whether we can be evicted from our new apartment building because of the baby (these are the issues that keep me up at night!) it looks like the answer is a pretty firm “no”.
  • babies can only be disallowed in buildings designated for residents over the age of 55 (ie: senior’s communities)
  • landlords can only claim “too many occupants” if there are more than 2 adults and one child per bedroom.
I think we’re good there for at least a year.  whew!
In lieu of pics that we’ve taken, how about snaps of stuff that’s on the wish list?
The Bumbleride (left)
  • best.  looking.  stroller.
  • reclines to flat (can support newborns)
  • works as a jogger
  • favourite all-terrain of the local running-mom crowd
  • better looking cup holder/accessories
  • no recent safety issues
  • must purchase car seat adaptor and carseat to accomodate newborn
  • handle is not adjustable
I saw Alyson Hannigan wear this on How I met your mother…  it’s beautiful!
 This baby tutu.  adorable!!  Perfect for me, a dance mom in training! (what do you think- is abby really done?).
hmm…  I wonder.  I also doubt the show could survive without her.  It would be like trying to have Toddlers and Tiaras without the pixie stix.
Life at 25 weeks…
How big is baby? Eggplant-sized!
is there a name yet?  Yes.  First name for sure, middle name in negotiations (Ken is choosing the middle name).
How big is mummy? 171 pounds.  I don’t wanna talk about it (haha)
What should people never be allowed to say to a pregnant woman? “Are you sure it’s just one?” Yes, really, someone just said that to me.
What else is going on?  The idea of “fundal measurements” (which just sounds awful) is crazy.  I’m apparently currently measuring “small” – but (according to doctor) nothing to worry about at this time.
Funny how you can be measuring small and people still feel okay asking if i’m sure i’m not having twins… grr…  “ah – so it will just be a healthy-sized, strong baby then“.
you’re not helping yourself, lady.  quit while you’re ahead ❤

5 thoughts on “25 weeks… No pics please – we’re British.

  1. Not to burst your bubble but pregnancy brain turns into mommy brain and I have been told by friends it lasts as long as you breastfeed (don’t know if that is true or not). I forgot my father’s birthday while I was pregnant and felt so horrible!! So, you are not alone. It is a very real thing!

    • it is a very strange feeling… from what I understand, the body – in all it’s miraculousness, actually creates it’s own internal drugged-up state with dopamine and relaxin to allow the things that happen to occur at the incredible speed that they do. Good thing i’m not working while breastfeeding!! I just need to minimize the forgetfulness between now and July.

  2. I forgot to renew my driver’s license when I was 8 months pregnant and didn’t realize until 7 months later when I needed to provide its expiry date. I’m glad I didn’t have to find out if the police find “baby brain” or “mommy brain” a legitimate excuse!

  3. Last week the Dr Oz show had a guest who can memorize 57 decks of cards. Yes, 57 reciting one card after another as Dr Oz revealed them to the audience. He was incredible but the point is that he gave 3 memory enhancing food recommendations. Apparently eating beats, cashews or cashew butter, and avocados are great foods to add to your diet 2 to 3 times a week. He even used mashed avocados as a replacement for mayonaise. I’ve been eating beats and avocados for the past week, and I’m not sick of them yet…I’m hoping, my focus while I finish my MRP will improve tremendousely?

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