26 weeks… “you must be about ready to pop”

No…  No i’m  not.  But Thanks.  This is actually the last full week of the second trimester, which feels a bit surreal.  I was having a fun chat with a coworker today (who has been through two babies of his own.  Well, his wife has, anyways.) He very kindly emphasized the difference between “pregnant” and “fat”; but I tell you, I continue to be shocked and amazed at the comfort level that people seem to have, commenting and commentating on how I look, what i’m eating and my weight.  If I could send one message to humanity, it would be:

Avoid saying the following to a woman in any stage of pregnancy

You must be about ready to pop / That baby Must be coming soon / Not long now, I guess…

All of the above, or anything related will be taken by said pregnant woman to mean “gosh, you look large today“.  Unless the woman is, literally, going into labour in front of you – do us all a favour and resist the urge to guess how much longer – your guess will inevitably be too soon, and we will feel gross as a result.  Actually, even if the woman IS going into labour, take a few minutes to say “wow – I wouln’t have guessed you to be more than 4-5 months.  You look fabulous“.  She’ll be a friend for life.

I blame TV, movies, and the removal of natural stages of birth and death from our culture – just like very few people really understand what dying is about or what it looks like, realistic depictions of what a pregnant woman looks like have morphed into “stick figure with a small pillow attached to her stomach”.  For example – Knocked Up’s Katherine Heigl, or Baby Mama’s Amy Poehler – at 6-8 months, realistically looked like I did at, maybe, 5 months.   Maybe.  (By the way – that is my favourite clip from Baby Mama, or pretty much, ever.)

So what does real-life pregnant person at six and a half months look like?  Here’s a reminder of me at 16 weeks vs now.

vs. 26 weeks

Clearly, there’s been a few changes…  as my husband likes to say “look at that rack”.  Oddly, my hair apparently hasn’t grown at all (so much for that pregnancy rumour).  I’m definitely rounder.

Also – Alyson Hannigan wore (I should say, rocked.  Because she looks incredible.) a short-sleeved version of the dress that I have on How I met your Mother:

It’s a great dress – I’ve worn it at least once a week for 10 weeks now, and I feel wonderful in it –  super stretchy, soft material, and will have easy access for post-baby breastfeeding.  I wore it to the Cherry Blossom Festival activities at Queen Elizabeth Gardens, then grocery shopping – at which point the cashier said, “I wish they had cute clothes like that when I was pregnant”.

Now, it’s totally appropriate to say that 🙂

The key for this dress is that is still has waist definition, a feminine shape and versatility.  You can wear it when you’re pregnant (or in the time thereafter) and still feel human.  Cute, even!

26 weeks

baby size: lettuce – about 1.7 pounds and 35cm.  Wow.

mommy size: about 173 pounds and still 5 foot 11.5.  That hasn’t changed yet.

biggest change this week: people have started consistently offering me their seat on full buses.  I take that as a sign that I officially “look pregnant”

major accomplishment: we bought a stroller!  The Bumbleride Indie.  I love it.

what i’m noticing:  my patience level varies massively – i’m finding that certain noises and, um, people are driving me NUTS!!!  Not you though.  I love you <3.


3 thoughts on “26 weeks… “you must be about ready to pop”

  1. Jenn- it is so awesome that you are simultaneously creating a blog and a human being! Talk about multi-tasking! I am so enjoying sharing this journey with you via this blog- it’s like you’re sharing your heart and that’s a very wonderful, amazing and gracious thing to share. Love you!

  2. I was looking up someone and (making a long story fairly concise….) through a domino effect finally came across your name. Lo and behold you are married to someone I knew in school decades ago (and we worked together briefly…. decades ago too :-)… But not so long ago that papyrus scrolls were still in use… almost. Congratulations to you and Ken on your marriage and the journey of two united in love and reflected by a child brought forth into the world. A commitment of trust and love. May God bless you with the grace to persevere through all with joy and trust in Him – as only He can.
    PS A great “human” resource is at the Family Resource Library at Children’s Hospital. Just google Family resource library – should be the first one to pop up on search. It has a fabulous website for various health information/links not only for children but for women’s and men’s health. There is also an online borrowing resource catalogue on various topics including baby information, breastfeeding, sleeping, food, etc. etc. The wonderful thing is you don’t have to go to the library. Simply note via email the items you wish to borrow from the catalogue and it will be mailed out to you. As long as you keep it in the original package Family Support and Resource Centre sends it in, just pop it back in the mail once due and the postage is free of charge to you. (This service is for anyone living in BC.) Cheers, Lynda

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