Today’s 2hr glucose test was a comedy of errors.

I arrived and they said “take a number and have a seat.”  So I did.  45 minutes later they called my number- when they looked at my requisition form, they said “why didn’t you tell us you were here for this test – we could have started your waiting time right away.


So I drank the gross syrup, had the zero level pinprick and waited (as told).  90 minutes later They asked Me what time my test had started at, then explained that nobody had stated the timer for me, so instead of having a 60 and 120 min reading, they would have a 90 and 120 min and hope that the results could be adjusted for the error.


When I finally left, I went to the fancy deli next door and ordered a “roasted veggie” panini, only to unwrap it at my desk and discover that the only “veggie” it had on it was onions.  That’s right, folks – after fasting since 10pm last night, then drinking sugar syrup on an empty stomach for 2 hours, I was welcomed back to the Land of Food with an onion and parmesan Panini that I paid 12$ for


The whole morning was kind of a *fail*.

sigh.  Back to bed for me 🙂


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