Posted in May 2012

31 weeks…  Beach Baby, Breech Baby Give Me Your Hand.

31 weeks… Beach Baby, Breech Baby Give Me Your Hand.

You know how the ol’ saying goes, “be careful what you wish for…  ” Last week, I finished off the post with a semi-mournful reflection upon the idea that I just didn’t feel, well, much of anything; so, apparently my daughter-to-be has inherited her father’s penchant for literal-based humour – she has spent the entire week leaving … Continue reading

30 weeks…  preparing to let go.

30 weeks… preparing to let go.

It’s the final countdown.  When people say “how much further to go?“, we now answer with the more-than-a-little-trepadacious “8-10 weeks“.  We spent the Monday afternoon of our long-weekend actually In More Than One Baby Store, debating the benefits and challenges of the buddha vs. the moby vs. the balboa and very nearly (very nearly!) buying a … Continue reading

29 weeks…  Happy Mother’s Day!

29 weeks… Happy Mother’s Day!

This picture was taken the day before I packed up my car and moved to the other end of the continent – for the second time in my life.  I remember telling my mum to “think of it like 24 weeks“, 2 semesters at grad school in Vancouver, then I’d be back home. 4 years, … Continue reading

28 weeks later…

28 weeks later…

Okay, okay…  it’s not exactly a post-apocolyptic horror.  Actually, being at 28 weeks is kind of amazing!  This past week, more often than not, when people have said “how much longer“, the response to my “10-12 weeks, assuming she goes full term” has been met with hearty “wow, you look great!”s, as opposed to the “oh…  are … Continue reading

27 weeks…  she wanted to wear WHAT during labour?

27 weeks… she wanted to wear WHAT during labour?

Well, looks like Jessica Simpson finally delivered a healthy baby girl. I’m not going to lie, there were a few of us making jokes about how she must have the gestation period of a grey whale. Didn’t it seem like she was pregnant forever?  She posted this picture on Halloween last year, announcing her impending mummy-hood. … Continue reading