27 weeks… she wanted to wear WHAT during labour?

Well, looks like Jessica Simpson finally delivered a healthy baby girl.

I’m not going to lie, there were a few of us making jokes about how she

must have the gestation period of a grey whale.

Didn’t it seem like she was pregnant forever?  She posted this picture on Halloween last year, announcing her impending mummy-hood.  In retrospect, I guess that was only 6 months ago.  Her baby must be human after all (a relief to all, i’m sure).  She was just clearly showing at the 3 month point.  Who am I to judge? After all, I continue to be four and a half pounds up from the upper limit of my “expected weight gain” – I could have a little baby whale in there myself!

For me, what was even more shocking than Jessica Simpson’s 70 pound weight gain was the notion that she was hoping to wear a leopard-print kimono during her labour.

Oddly, that wasn’t the first I’d heard of people with concerns about looking their best during this sensitive and sweaty time; Pretty Pushers is a company that creates “fashionable and functional products specific to delivery day” – right down to a special little opening on the back for an epidural.  In fact – here’s a whole online shop stocked with goodies that will apparently help us look our camera-ready best as we push something the size of a watermelon out of a hole the size of a golf ball.  Awesome.  Finally, If you’re super crafty: here’s a link to patterns to make one yourself!  Fashionable and Functional.  Hurray!

Honestly, I find this a bit funny.  Okay – more than a bit.  I suppose it’s part of the facebook/twitter culture that we desire to appear impeccably stylish at any time – even this time.

So, I know, I know, you’re all wondering if I have an order in for a Pretty Pusher, or if if i’m dusting off the Pfaff to design my own.  The quick answer is “not likely”.  My hope for this baby is to stay in the whirlpool for as long as absolutely possible, so it’s quite likely that i’ll be wearing this when she arrives (well, the top part of it, anyway).

But what about what to wear now?  At 27 weeks, no matter how you calculate it, we are launching into the third trimester at high speed.  This is it – the final 12 week victory lap!  After spending my entire life with a black box of wondering what i”ll look like when I have a baby, this is it!  This is what I look like.  It’s so weird…

Moving into spring, I placed another order for some great maternity clothes; however, transitioning into the final phase it was super important to me to invest in styles, materials and colours that will take me post-baby and into the fall.  Over the remaining weeks, i’ll continue to share what I chose to spend my hard-earned maternity bucks on and why I chose the pieces.

 This turquoise cardigan is a  great, functional piece in my current favourite colour.  Obviously, by this point, cardigans, hoodies, jackets and all those kind of over layers present a moderate challenge to find a flattering shape.  This is a fantastic design that has nice, bum covering length and an extra long tie that can be personalized to wrap anywhere around the bump as it grows, or even around my waist as it returns (hopefully sometime around August/September).

And hey – it’s our new stroller!  We decided to take it for a baby-less spin over the weekend to see what it’s like on the hill that runs from our apartment to the path down by the beach.  I’m still a big fan of it – it has tons of storage underneath, is super easy to steer and has an adjustable-height handle (Very important for us as I’m five foot eleven and a bit and my husband is six foot four.  In other acquisition news, we received a car seat from a member of the fiction writers group we’re part of.  So, if you’re keeping track, we now own a stroller, a car seat, 4 sleepers, 2 soothers, a baby bag and a pink stuffed bunny.  We’re getting there.  I think the project for this week will be the crib.  Overall, things are going well (Except for one sudden and unexpected re-surgance of morning sickness today, but a) I’d been warned that third trimester sickness is a strong possibility  and b) I forgot to take my prenatal horse pill last night, so I took it this morning.  On an empty stomach.  Bad news.
I am also finding that every night, if (when) I roll over in bed, she is up and moving around instantly and actively for about 10 minutes.  We figure this is because at this point she is aware of her ups and downs, so if she’s gotten herself into a comfy position and I move, it actually affects her and her positioning.
Finally, my glucose tolerance test results were completely, totally, 100% normal – despite my “excessive” weight gain.  Everything is looking great!

27 weeks

baby size: cauliflower.  Or about 14 inches and 2 pounds.
mommy size: 173 pounds.  no change from last week.
biggest change this week: a sudden return to nausea and a feeling (mostly in the evening) like I have acid in the base of my throat.  yuck.
major accomplishment:  we have a car seat!
what i’m noticing:  I definitely can’t “suck it in” anymore :).  Also, I’m feeling pretty lonely and missing my friends and family back home…  My husband is being very patient and supportive!

4 thoughts on “27 weeks… she wanted to wear WHAT during labour?

  1. You look so cute! I do disagree with one thing you said though. To me, the most shocking thing about Jessica Simpson’s delivery isn’t what she wanted to wear, but that she named her daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson. It’s like she wished she had a son but didn’t. To each their own!

  2. OK, I admit it, I bought a Pretty Pushers gown for my delivery!! I don’t even know if my hospital allows us to wear our own clothes. By I want to be wearing something other than the regular hospital gown for newborn photos. Yep, I’m vain!

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