28 weeks later…

Okay, okay…  it’s not exactly a post-apocolyptic horror.  Actually, being at 28 weeks is kind of amazing!  This past week, more often than not, when people have said “how much longer“, the response to my “10-12 weeks, assuming she goes full term” has been met with hearty “wow, you look great!”s, as opposed to the “oh…  are you sure you aren’t having twins?” that I had become strangely used to.

My husband and I are starting to have reality-based conversations about life post-baby i.e.) social schedules, how we will (try to) maintain friendships with the people close to us, and what we really hope and pray life will

be like for our new little family.  We’ve also been watching a lot of supernanny full episodes on youtube – that must count for something (or at least counteract the adverse affect of the years of Toddlers and Tiara’s i’ve (sadly) supported since the series’ inception.

Physically, things are good.  I’m tired, but not in the same “I just don’t feel like myself“, soul sucking, nauseous way that I was for the first bit.  This is more like, “I could happily stay in bed all day and snuggle my snoogle” kind of tired.  Surprisingly (at least for me, anyway) I’m not finding myself any hungrier than in my non-pregnant state; I’ve yet to ask Ken to venture to the safeway for Anything, let alone anything strange or needed Right Now.  Is that  yet to come?

I haven’t had any swelling or back pain, i’m still wearing my wedding ring and all my body parts are easily within sight.  Apparently I should be counting all these things as “wins”.  Nice!

I suppose the biggest physical change we are noticing is the challenge of getting up from any reclining or semi-reclining position.  When i’m laying down in bed at night, if I have to get up it takes effort and more than a little hoisting.  This is of course directly associated with the 1/2 pound per week growth spurt that the baby is currently on, and as my overall weight continues to remain consistent (4 weeks with no weight change for me), all that growth is going to her little bum, not mine – for the time being, anyway.

I’m continuing to enjoy dressing this bump.  The maternity bras that I picked up around week 17  are still working Just Fine (all the excitement in That area seems to have stabilized) and the cute pre-baby outfits that I have are definitely looking more and more filled out.

Today, I wore this dress to work:

So first of all, I can’t emphasize enough how much you need to go to the seraphine website to fully appreciate this dress – because (aside from the pregnancy fun) something that we’ve learned this week is that it’s Really Hard to photograph black clothing, and this dress is really something special.

Here’s the thing – I’m generally not a very curvy girl, and wrap dresses, i felt, didn’t really flatter me too much.  When I started growing a sizeable chest (about 12 weeks ago) I started trying on wrap dresses from non-maternity retailers, thinking that I could pull a fast one – that, because they are wrap around, it would simply grow with me (I thought I was a genius) unfortunately, trying them on proved frustrating.  The way that I was growing just didn’t align with the cut of a regular wrap dress – it pulled at my chest and my tummy, didn’t close right at the top, didn’t tie in a flattering place.  Honestly, it made me look chubby, not pregnant.

So I decided to try this dress – the difference in cut for maternity is noticeable immediately.  there is enough coverage over my chest, without being so large that it is baggy on my arms, even though it is covering my bump, the hem lies straight at the bottom, the tie lies over my bump, as opposed to cutting it off in a weird way and there is the cutest gathering detail at the sides to emphasize that it is, indeed, a baby in there – not a burger.  I love it.  It’s an item that can easily be styled for work, a night out (yes, we still have some!) or even Church, it’s made from super stretchy very soft and breathable fabric and the wrap-style will definitely give me some flexibility for wear post-baby and into the fall.  Highly recommended piece.  Highly.  Feels very Kate Middleton (if she were pregnant – not that i want to start any rumours…  I’m just saying I think she’d wear this.  Maybe in royal blue.)

28 weeks

baby size: like a 14 inch long, approximately 2.2 pound eggplant.  The major development milestone of this week is that her lungs are  mature enough that she would likely be able to survive and breathe alone if for some crazy reason she were to be born this week.  (Ken is currently saying “please stay in there a little while!).  And yes, she has a name – a first name, anyway.  My husband is choosing the middle name on his own.

mummy size: 173 pounds, 5 foot 11.5.  No change since 25 weeks!  Funnily, if my weight stays the same for another 2 weeks, ill be back within “normal” weight gain range.  I haven’t been “dieting” or limiting my food in any way (actually, quite the opposite, Ken made an incredible ice-cream cake this weekend!) my metabolism must just be on a high for the time being.  Not taking that for granted, though.

other changes:  well, I can’t lie,  there’s a little of this.  Don’t judge!  It’s nothing oppressive, it’s just that the days of “holding it” until a convenient time are over.  When it’s time to go, it’s time to go if I want to avoid little dribbles.  The Stride undies are actually awesome, because they feel just like regular undies, but they have just a little absorbent section in the crotchal zone (that’s a technical term) and they come in seam-free thong and high-cut sporty styles, so you can even wear them under yoga pants without them being seen AND they’ll soak up sweat so you don’t get a crotchal sweat line.  Brilliant.

most exciting thing: she moves so much.  For me, this is super-exciting…  for Ken, I think it’s not so exciting anymore.  He tunes out a little 😉

this week’s project:  find a crib! and also maybe try one of those pregnancy body shapers.


One thought on “28 weeks later…

  1. Love that black dress!!! Month seven was always when I gained my weight. Month nine it sort of tapers off or stays the same. Good luck for you. I’m enjoying your weekly posts;)

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