33 weeks… The problem with being a princess.

Poor Ol’ Kate.

Despite my moaning and complaining last week, I have to admit:  there Would be something worse than having people comment, criticize and speculate upon your body every day throughout your pregnancy – and that would be having people comment, criticize and speculate every day when you’re not even expecting (as far as anyone would know – that said, it’s looking more and more like they were right about John Travolta.  Not that John Travolta is pregnant…  but that other thing.)
The rumours about Kate’s on-again, off-again pregnancy have been circulating since well-before her Royal Wedding, so unless she share’s Jessica Simpson’s whale-like gestation period (that was mean, sorry.  It just felt like forever.)  I think it’s safe to assume that all previous theories of an impending Royal Great-Grandbaby  have been false, and it’s quite likely that this one is as well.
Whereas this little one inside of me is very much real.  Very much so, indeed. So real, in fact, that following about 4 straight days of constant kicking and squirming (she has, happily, oriented herself into the requisite head-down position), she decided to usher in her 33rd week of existence with a few hours of post-party puking, minus any alcohol or fun stimulus of any kind.
Okay – that’s not Totally true.  There may have  been a wee little bit of stimulus, but let me go back a bit.
It started out innocently enough:  I had noticed that I always felt like I had to burp (Ken found this endlessly amusing) and then, for the last few weeks, after eating at night, I’ve been prone to massaging the area just below my collarbone, and telling my husband that it feels “burny” there.  Having never experienced any kind of digestive issues, Ever (well, except for that time I switched to from Yellow to Red Gatorade during a 1/2 marathon.  Not Good.)  I didn’t really understand that what i’ve been describing is a descent into the glamorous world of Acid Reflux.   So, yesterday, throughout the course of the day, I had eaten the following:
  • a Tim Horton’s Iced Cappuccino (made with chocolate milk instead of cream)
  • a bagel
  • a slice of the delicious homemade chocolate torte that was leftover from a coworker-friend’s family dinner the night before
  • a little leftover Tomato/Cheese Tortellini from home
  • grapes
  • delicious cheesy pesto linguini that Ken made for dinner
  • a yummy float made from coke zero and mint chocolate chip ice-cream.
By 11:30pm, we’re in bed, reading and playing scramble (because, frankly, that’s what you do when you’re in bed at 33 weeks) and I was whining, “Kennnnnnnn… It’s burny…  “.  He encouraged me to prop my head up higher, mentioned it was starting to sound like acid reflux, and that we should probably wean ourselves off of the pre-bedtime ice cream ritual we have somehow become attached to over the past few weeks.
Ken had just fallen into a light snore, and I had just googled “Acid Reflux Pregnancy” when I felt it – the absolute certainty that whatever food was in my tummy wouldn’t be there for very much longer.
And up it all came.  *sigh*.
Once it all seemed to be over and we were back in bed, I couldn’t help but look at this from Ken’s perspective.  The poor guy has been living the bachelor high-life for most of his years; and all of a sudden, not only married last fall, but now has his arm around a pregnant girl, in the middle of the night when he has to be up for work at 6am, telling me while I lose my dinner, lunch and breakfast that he loves me and thinks i’m beautiful.  Wow.  Whatta guy!!
So what now?  As digestion slows and baby grows, Acid Reflux is apparently super common in pregnancy; therefore, this is all filed under “normal”. There are things to do to make it a little less invasive, though, beginning with 16 foods to avoid, and it only makes sense to do my best to start avoiding them.

  33 weeks

baby sizeDurian Fruit (17.2-18.7 inches, 4.2-5.8 lb)

mummy size: 5 foot 11.5, 176 pounds (plus 1 since last week)

what else is going on? Still working both jobs, still walking lots, but now feeling a little waddly for a few minutes when I stand or walk after sitting for a while.

We have big plans for this Sunday; after we’re done Church, we’re going to have a baby-day and actually devote time to figuring our what we have and what we need…  just in case.


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