35 weeks… and I already have “the perfect breastfeeding outfit”

Well, I have reached that awkward point in pregnancy where there is generally a stain, smudge or smear of some kind – directly on the front of my belly – that I don’t see until hours later, when I happen to be standing directly in front of a mirror. 

Surprisingly (I continue to be surprised!), at 35 weeks, I’m still feeling remarkably human and functional.  I think a few things have added to this

  • continuing to maintain my hair colour and cuts
  • wearing clothes that are designed and sized to fit my body as it is Now.
  • continuing to paint my toenails
  • all but eliminating fried and dairy-rich food, and really upping fruits and vegetables

Granted, if I wasn’t pregnant and just reading this to myself, I imagine it would seem ridiculous and minor – how the heck could having pink toenails and a shirt that fits make a difference at this point? 

            The truth is, it really does.  Gaining almost 30 pounds in 8 months, while experiencing the persistent sensation of a small human inside of you, bopping up and down on your bladder while simultaneously trying to pry open a space between your lower ribs with her toes and clearing out some prehistoric goop from behind your hip is…  discombobulating.  Knowing that you can throw on a pair of flip flops and some clothes that look neither like a potato sack nor like they’re about to split apart at the seams truly goes far in allowing life to continue, wherever possible, as “normal”.

Last night, at our group prenatal class, we learned how immediate the switch to “the new normal” can be: amidst a guest speaker (a lovely young woman with her 6 month old), discussing the trials and triumphs of breastfeeding, 2 members of our “July Babies” group showed up with their little surprise – their “July Baby” had apparently decided to be a “June Baby” and was born 10 days earlier at 34 weeks. 

Wow.  She was tiny!!  But healthy, beautiful and perfect.  Mum and Dad were doing well, if perhaps a little shell shocked, and everyone is back home embarking upon Life as They will Now Know It.

An inevitable hush fell across the room; as one dad-to-be put it, “this just got very real”.   We all kind of stared at a real-life, sleeping, squirming, reminder of who and what is living inside of us, waiting for a perfect moment to arrive.

Then we watched a movie.

If you ever want a good laugh, find yourself some clips of the Swedish movie, “Breast is Best”.  It’s full of these awkward “Look Who’s Talking” type voice-overs of babies having troubles and overcoming various obstacles to breastfeeding.   It also starts out with a montage of waterfall and babbling brook scenery, so you know it’s pure cheese. 

When it came to the discussion part of the class, Our guest speaker whipped out a cape that had a firm little ring around the neck, that is designed to cover baby and mum for any breastfeeding-in-public needs.  Then our group leader said, “Well, Jenny actually has a perfect breastfeeding outfit on.” I turned around to see who this “Jenny” was and what she could be wearing that was so perfect.  Turns out she meant me!

(No one ever calls me Jenny.) But good to know that I’m ready to be power breastfeeding mom on the go!  And what was I wearing?  a seraphine maternity tank top (which I also have in some other pics below), my jeans (I’m getting great mileage out of these jeans) and a pre-pregnancy blazer from Banana Republic.  So definitely, the tank top is nice and stretchy, has a built in / light supoprt bra, and will easily be lifted up or pulled down, the blazer can give a little coverage, and the jeans are the most comfortable thing ever. 

Well, we’re on the subject of clothes…  Let’s do this!!

I’ve had this beautiful, aqua, maternity maxi skirt (take a look at how beautiful that model looks!) sitting in my closet for months, waiting for warmer weather – and I finally had a chance to wear it over the weekend!  I can’t get over how soft and supple the waist of the skirt is.  It hugged and stayed in place without being tight, and it felt flowy, breezy and wonderful.  Frankly, when I put this outfit on, I looked in the mirror and ran out to Ken and said “I’m eight and a half months pregnant, and I look awesome” 🙂 and gave him a big hug. 

That’s the kind of feeling I was referring to earlier, those little touchstones that remind me that I’m still a girl, still a newlywed, still young – and if an outfit can take you back to that, when you’re 35 weeks in and can sometimes barely pull it together to roll to the other side of your body when you’re in bed, I say, buy a new outfit every day!  It’s worth it.

35 weeks

baby size: coconut – 17.2-18.7 inches, 4.2 – 5.8 pounds > baby’s hearing is fully developed! 

mummy size: 5 foot 11.5, 177 pounds   +1 pound in the last 2 weeks. 

What’s new: I’m still back in nausea-land, mostly due to the ongoing, icky acid reflux.  Our doctor at the prenatal class mentioned Gaviscon as a safe and effective option – I may run out and get some.  For the last couple of weeks, we’ve just been really focusing on cutting/reducing all the known acid triggers from our diet: fried foods, fatty/dairy–based food, coffee (even decaffeinated coffee drinks can stimulate acid) and tomato-based meals.  We bought a new blender over the weekend, and are looking to smoothies and things like that for the next couple of weeks and beyond into baby-food land.

finally: I started the paperwork for my maternity leave this week.  Which prompted me to look at child care expenses for when I go back to work…  turns out the “standard” price of infant care in downtownVancouveris $1200/month.  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???


7 thoughts on “35 weeks… and I already have “the perfect breastfeeding outfit”

  1. Love, love your updates! Especially since you are just a couple of days ahead of me, so it always reminds me how quickly time is going. I’m so glad you mentioned the belly-stain thing – that keeps happening to me, I thought I was just super clumsy! And now I think I want your aqua maxi skirt…I think I’m really going to get it. Will you get a referral bonus? I think you should!

    • thanks so much!! and honestly, go for the skirt. The waist is definitely springy enough that it will easily work post-baby too… It’s hard to belive the big day is coming so soon, isn’t it?!?

  2. I’m actually buying it right now. I found a 25% off giftcode on another blog, so it’s quite a good deal! Oh, I was wondering, is there any way I can send you a private message through WordPress? I figured since I had accidentally revealed my identity anyway, I might as well send you my baby facebook page where there are lots of pics, since I’ve been commenting on your blog and stuff and you don’t even know who I am.

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