36 weeks… my rib cage is not an exit door!

Well, here we are.  July 3.  Meaning, when people say , “So when are you due?“, the answer is now “later on this month“.  Or when people ask, “So which month are you in?” We say “ninth.“.  Suddenly the conversational tide has experienced a distinct shift, and when people learn that I’m still working (for 3 more weeks), walking daily and able to cart groceries home from the  store that’s 4 blocks away, they are full of complements, encouragement, and tales of their cousin’s friend’s sister who’s at 8 weeks and her ankles have already expanded to the circumference of small watermelons.  For a moment, anyway, our faith in the community has been somewhat restored and I kind of like people again.

At the moment, we especially like my friend Laura –  visiting from home, she brought the cutest gift:

Handmade blankie, headband, booties (which actually brought some tears to ken’s eyes) and little wings and a halo.  So beautiful!!  As we finished up the dinner with Laura and headed back to our apartment, we were really taken aback by the amount of care, preparation, excitement and love that this little one is already surrounded by.  It’s amazing.

Overall, it’s been a good week.  We’ve all but cut dairy out of our diet (except for a little butter on the rosemary and rock salt bagels), really reduced tomato-y ingredients and completely eliminated any coffee-based drinks (including decaf) and very much found that the burny, acidic feeling has pretty much disappeared.  Switching to almond milk for smoothies in the mornings, and soy-“ice cream” for the occasional evening treat seems to be doing the trick for now, though I’ve heard rumours that once the baby comes, some people find that soy doesn’t sit so well either.  We’ll see.

The big observation (aside from my tummy) is that I am back to needing to eat in tiny, regular intervals.  It must just be the way the baby is sitting right now (head down, trying to escape through the right side of my rib cage by using her bum as a burrowing tool).  I will really, sincerely think that I am starving, and then sit down, eat about 4 bites of something, and be done.  Unfortunately, this came back to haunt me on Saturday: at the part-time-job-which-I-love, but doesn’t really support sitting at my desk with snacks the way my full time gig does, I have developed a habit of keeping a (delicious) decaf frappuccino on the sidelines that I can sip on to regularly inject myself with calories and energy.  Now that i’m attempting a no-coffee-not-even-decaf diet, and not really able to sit down to eat a full sized breakfast (lunch or dinner), with about 30 minutes to go unit my lunch break I started to feel a bit woozy and had to back down for the first time in this 9 month venture.  Wonderfully, the amazing team I work with cobbled together their random cereal munchies, grapes and nuts, and within about 15 minutes I was feeing fine again; but, lesson learned, it’s time to recognize that’s where I am – until I can eat full meals again, I will be keeping quick and easy handfuls of snack nearby.

In other news, Sunday was Canada Day:

Which was great, if a little grey and dreary.  The Olympic flames were lit in celebration of this great country we get to call home, and there was more than one pair of red jeans out to rock the occasion (FYI – mine aren’t necessarily designed to be crops…  the curse of the 36.5 inch inseam resurfaces yet again.  To see how they are designed to fit, check this out).  Festive, eh?  In retrospect, I wish i’d worn a less drapier top – for me, i’ve grown (indeed) to prefer tops that are more fitted, specifically wrap styles, less billowy.  I also kind of regret letting Ken take the pictures from the under-my-belly-angle, but ah well.  Nothing to hide at this point, I guess.

And speaking of nothing to hide, here’s this weeks stats:

36 weeks

Baby Size:  Honeydew Melon –  Average size: 17.2-18.7 inches, 4.2-5.8 lb.

Mummy size: 5 foot 11.5. 178 pounds (+1 since last week).  This is the big 30 pound-total weight gained mark for me.  In order to be considered “normal” I shouldn’t gain any more than 5 pounds in the next, well, however many weeks until she decides to arrive.

Big changes:  I’m much more tired – mainly because I am waking up on average about 6 times a night to go to the bathroom.  so I yawn quite a bit during the day.  Please don’t take it personally.  Also, last night while we were lying in bed, we definitely SAW a pointy little heel poke out of the space just below my right rib.  There is definitely something going on in there 🙂

What’s coming up:  Who knows??  The more I tell people “four more weeks”  the more stories I hear about babies deciding to come at any point from here on in.  Apparently all my siblings were up to 2 weeks past their due date.  I’m not really sure what to make of all of it…

Baby shower is tomorrow – then my maternity-leave replacement begins training with me on Monday, then it will be the final countdown (2 weeks) for work.  Wow!!



3 thoughts on “36 weeks… my rib cage is not an exit door!

  1. I’m so jealous!!! Not being due until August 3rd, I’ll barely ever get to answer “this month” when strangers [who think I’m huge] ask. Also, I received the blue/green skirt from Seraphine today – hoping to wear it on Friday for my birthday if it fits! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    • I hope that means you are having better weather than we are… It’s been so chilly here over the last few days I can’t wear anything unless it goes with leggings and a sweater… wahhh!! I want to wear my cute summer maternity clothes!! And who knows? August 3 v July 31, you’re baby could easily be here well before ours, then i’ll be the jealous one 🙂

      • Well, if by better weather you mean scorching heat (41 C or 105 F), then I guess we’re having good weather here!? It’s pretty terrible, actually….

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