37 weeks… If our baby were a goose…

She’d be fully cooked this week.  Somehow, 33 weeks and roughly the same amount of pounds since discovering that this little girl was on the way, we have arrived at full term.  About 1/2 of the babies in our group prenatal class for July have arrived happily and healthily, and i’m looking around the apartment thinking “We’d better clean up!!” because we’re expecting the imminent arrival of the most important guest of our lives.

It’s been a busy week!  Tuesday, I worked 5th-last shift at the part-time-job-which-I-love, Wednesday one of my incredible coworker and friends (from my full-time gig) threw a lovely baby shower:

We had a really lovely evening…  all girls, at a pink-themed thai restaurant – I was a bit overwhelmed at the turnout and generosity of these amazing women that I am surrounded by each day; and I really, really hope she doesn’t turn out to be a surprise boy – because that will be a LOT of pink to find a home for 🙂

Thursday, I came to the firm conclusion that it was now well within the time that it would be okay to go back to doing all those things that supposedly bring on early labour, so michelle and I went for pedicures (if the baby hasn’t arrived, i’ll discuss more crazy ways to bring on labour next week).  For some reason, even though we had the exact same services booked for the exact same time, mine took about an extra hour…  And no, despite popular belief, I didn’t spontaneously give birth in their massaging foot bath chair.  darnitall.

Thursday night was our evening with our small group from church, Friday was a picnic down by the beach (it’s finally summer on the west coast!), Saturday was my fourth-to-last shift at the part-time-job that-I-love, Saturday night Ken surprised me with tickets to see “Taming of the Shrew” at Bard on the Beach (it was awesome).   Sunday…  Sunday my beloved husband was like a little boy on Christmas morning, checking his phone from about 3am on to see if it was time for the Wimbledon finals to start, which we watched at a nearby McDonalds (I have lived TV free for about 2 and a half yearsaside from what I get through work; Since marrying me, Ken has gone along with this – at least temporarily).  Then it was Church, a zip trip to a Kids store where we picked up a carrycot attachment for our stroller, a super-cool sleeping bassinet that will do a fabulous stop-gap for us until she (or we) are ready for the crib, then outdoor salsa lessons, a quick trip to the store (for ice cube trays) and an evening at a friend’s birthday party.

And Monday was back to our connecting pregnancy class, where  we learned that having a beer while breastfeeding (maybe not at the same exact time, but during the general phase…  ) is just fine.

All this run-down of the crazy week to say that my big learning of 37 weeks is that life, really does, go on when you’re “full term”.  I’m still up, around and active, my rings and shoes still fit; I mean, I’m tired at the end of the day, but not in a totally out of control way, just in a “oh bed, how lovely it is to see you once again…. ” kind of way.  Things are good.

Next week:

  • Wacky ways to bring on the baby ( “membrane scraping”)  sounds AWESOME, doesn’t it?”
  • My maternity wardrobe – what it looks like on the models vs. what it looked like on me vs.  how it looks at maximum curvature of the tum-tum.

And of course, there’s this:

37 weeks

baby size:  Winter melon – Average size: 18.9-20.9 inches, 6.2-9.2 lb. Goodness.  No wonder I feel like the skin just under my rib cage is about to tear apart (Incredibly, no stretch marks as of yet)

mummy size: 179 pounds +1 since last week, 31 overall.

howzitgoin, eh?  Honestly, I feel great.  Apparently that may be a sign that we aren’t expecting her any time in the next few days…  but we’ll try our best!


6 thoughts on “37 weeks… If our baby were a goose…

    • When we had our last class, we were at 37w, which is the earliest they offer the sweeps – but with the understanding that there is a small chance it will get things going ASAP; and that evening, we weren’t really up for that possibility… our next visit is scheduled for 39w, by which point i’ll definitely be up for a little encouragement for her 🙂

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