one month… lest there be any doubt, this is neither “easy” nor “breezy”.

A week or so ago, I received a message from a friend, relaying that I seemed to be having a really easy time of this whole “new mother” phase in my life.

I was in shock.

I quickly realized the communication hiccup – a challenge with this era of communication via blogs, vlogs (no, i don’t have one) and texts is that, if all you see is:

then, of course, it would be easy to assume that our whole life is:

when, in reality, for every minute of:

there’s about a half hour of:

and frankly, we tend to be a little slower to reach for our cameras during those times…  but be assured, they happen – sometimes, seemingly endlessly… sometimes.

According to WebMD, even the healthiest, happiest newborns will cry for an average of about 3 hours per 24hr period for the first 3-5 months of their lives.  We continue to try, learn and create new tricks to get us through each day, until we reach that magical time that little Camden is slightly more in control of her reactions, and less likely to startle herself with her own arms and legs.

This week we have discovered (with more than a little help) probiotics (thanks to my friend and super-mum, Jodi)

The theory (that’s a great article, by the way) is that if a baby’s crying is triggered by gas, probiotic drops give a boost to baby’s digestive system, helping them ease the discomfort of digestive challenges they may be having.  We’ve been using them for about a week now, and we have actually seen a huge difference in Camden’s disposition over the last 2-3 days:  we are having much longer time periods, in the mornings especially, where she is awake and content.  Whether that is a direct result of the probiotics, or simply a byproduct of her being That much older and more adjusted to the world, who can ever really say – but we’re happy with it and really cherishing each time we can visit with a non-screaming, non purple-faced little girl.

Late afternoons & evenings are still a challenge.  Camden basically refuses soothers and bottles of breast milk, so I am quite literally attached to her 24/7.  So we go for lots of walks with the sling, which helps.  It’s all day by day, right?

*as a testament to how not-easy this has been, it has actually taken me 6 days to complete this post…  Camden is now 1 month and 6 days 🙂




3 thoughts on “one month… lest there be any doubt, this is neither “easy” nor “breezy”.

  1. Probiotics are great! Adults should be taking them too. Just make sure the are not synthetic vitamins. If you are having difficulty with her sleeping thru the night, take her to a paediatric chiropractor. Works every time and allows the body to be healthy and more importantly, avoids infant scoliosis.

  2. I love this!! Exactly how I feel about the crying and the 6 days to get anything done. I was pregnant right up along with you and every week loved reading your blog. I had my little boy at 37 weeks and now that hes 3 months old I’ve just had a chance to go back in and check it. I’m glad everything is going great for you!

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