25 weeks…  No pics please – we’re British.

25 weeks… No pics please – we’re British.

Kidding.  Sort of. There’s really no (original) pics this week, and we’re really British (well, I am anyway) but the two aren’t necessarily related.  It turns out that somewhere in the land of packing-and-moving, the charger for the camera has yet to be unearthed (likewise with my make up brushes and moisturizer) so this post will be … Continue reading

24 weeks…  does not 6 months make.

24 weeks… does not 6 months make.

Time is a funny thing.  It is only now, in my third decade that I have learned (from a company-wide “cultural diversity” memo, no less) that the placement of Easter is determined by the occurrence of the Sunday following the first full moon of spring. And with the full moon, the bunnies, and the celebration … Continue reading

23 weeks…  movin’ and groovin’

23 weeks… movin’ and groovin’

It’s been a week of non-stop action.  We have officially relocated to the address that we will bring our baby home to in 17 short weeks (give or take).  The move began on Thursday, when two amazing friends, Michelle and Heather showed up to spend hours loading a fairly random assortment of clothing, books, food … Continue reading

22 Weeks…  Snoogles and Stretchmarks

22 Weeks… Snoogles and Stretchmarks

This week, I tried to be good.  Very good.  No poutine, No donuts…  We did go to The Olive Garden for lunch on Sunday, but that doesn’t really count because a) it was Ken’s treat and b) it was a post-Church outing.  I think there’s some kind of special dispensation for that or something. We’ve … Continue reading

21 weeks…  And so much is still possible!

21 weeks… And so much is still possible!

21 weeks feels quite official.  We are past the halfway point and things are going remarkably well-  I even had a small child come up to me when I was at lululemon on Saturday (i’m officially at a “ta-ta tamer” point in life) and tell me that I have a “big, round belly” “no no!!“,  her … Continue reading

19 weeks… the penultimate (round 1)

19 weeks… the penultimate (round 1)

This time next week, our little blog will be emanating a vibrant glow. Finding out in just three days whether we have a male of the species, or one of the female variety on the way feels a bit surreal.  My husband is super-excited about having a little girl that we can enter into some glitz … Continue reading