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36 weeks…  my rib cage is not an exit door!

36 weeks… my rib cage is not an exit door!

Well, here we are.  July 3.  Meaning, when people say , “So when are you due?“, the answer is now “later on this month“.  Or when people ask, “So which month are you in?” We say “ninth.“.  Suddenly the conversational tide has experienced a distinct shift, and when people learn that I’m still working (for 3 … Continue reading

24 weeks…  does not 6 months make.

24 weeks… does not 6 months make.

Time is a funny thing.  It is only now, in my third decade that I have learned (from a company-wide “cultural diversity” memo, no less) that the placement of Easter is determined by the occurrence of the Sunday following the first full moon of spring. And with the full moon, the bunnies, and the celebration … Continue reading

23 weeks…  movin’ and groovin’

23 weeks… movin’ and groovin’

It’s been a week of non-stop action.  We have officially relocated to the address that we will bring our baby home to in 17 short weeks (give or take).  The move began on Thursday, when two amazing friends, Michelle and Heather showed up to spend hours loading a fairly random assortment of clothing, books, food … Continue reading